Couldn’t Get The Girls I Liked

The final draw was when my best friend got engaged. Even though I’ve felt lonely for a while now and have been looking for a great girl to settle down with, when I had my buddy things didn’t look as bad. But now he was gone, spending quality time with his fiancée and I spent my evenings browsing dating sites.

Nice woman with blond hair

Unfortunately for me this was all I was doing – browsing. For whatever reason I couldn’t get the girls I liked to pay attention to me. This was new, as I never really did that bad with women, it’s just that I never found The One.

Not being able to score dates and get phone numbers started really getting to me after a few months. I didn’t feel good about myself, I started wondering should I probably lose some weight or try a new look, but I never did any of this. I expected that the Internet will make my love life easier, not more difficult. This is when I started looking for solutions.

“Nowadays you can Google everything” I thought and I invested a lot of my time and considerable amount of money reading dating guides and articles that just didn’t do it for me.

I continued finding myself in the same position – lonely, best friend about to marry, browsing dating websites almost every evening.

I was just about to give up when I stumbled upon It was my habit and a new found hobby at this point to purchase and laugh at dating guides. How could so many people write so many things that were wrong and just not giving results? Soon after I started reading the e-book, I understood this guy was different. He knew what he was talking about and the second I started applying his tricks, it worked. I was stunned; I’ve never gotten so many messages and so many girls’ numbers. It was like the best love marketing tool ever.

All this happened a bit over a year ago and I here’s the update: my already married best friend is currently organizing my bachelor party. I finally met the love of my life and I’ve never been as sure in anything as I am sure I want to spend the rest of my days with her. Looking back, I still can’t believe how easy it was to finally get the women I liked to respond to my messages and go out with me. If it wasn’t for this, I never would’ve met Jessica.

I am telling you works and if you don’t give yourself this opportunity, you should know that’s only your loss – the girl of your dreams won’t wait for you forever.


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