My Life Was An Abstraction

Six months ago was just the beginning. My long-term girlfriend, after acting weird and distant for several months, said she no longer wanted to see me.

I didn't believe it until she was at my apartment, a couple days after, sorting her things from mine and deciding she would, after a long fight, leave me her stack of CD's. They became the only thing I listened to in the following days, a morbid way to simultaneously punish and reward myself, reminding me of how she was and all the things she liked.

Sexy Woman with Fitness Suit

I entered what my family and friends called a "deep depression". I can remember feeling like my life was an abstraction, as if I was in some lucid dream ruled by memories of my Ex-girlfriend.

After encouragement from a worried friend, who said I seemed like 50% of the person I was previously -- I told him I definitely felt like it -- I tried online dating. I presented myself and tried to be "datable", swiped right a generous amount of times, all to no avail.

It just reinforced my belief that I was unwanted and I felt discouraged more than ever...

In the middle of the night, after searching dating tips on the web -- I had immense shame just looking up the words "dating" and "tips" -- I eventually came across

It seemed like a website made specifically for me, like I was supposed to find it that night while I sat alone, but of course I was skeptical, having been let down at every other point previously. I bought the book and followed the steps like it was a religious text.

After reading, I felt a renewed confidence in women. A few weeks passed, I employed the techniques found in the book and I actually started having women leave messages in my inbox.

Time began moving fast, I met a beautiful woman that I would've felt ogre-like talking to before I found Thanks to it, I'm still with that amazing woman today, and I've never been happier.

I feel like I finally have my life back. Like I'm no longer carrying around the weight of my failed relationships. I try to think of where I would be if I didn't find this website. Now, writing this today with my beautiful girlfriend in the next room, I'm only upset I didn't find it sooner.


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