No More Dating Accounts

For the first 20 years of my life I was never in a relationship. I spent highschool kissless and took myself to prom. I was either reppelent to women, or seemed like the prime choice for 'Best Friend'. I referred to myself, painfully joking, as a friend zone expert. After having zero success, I started thinking that the problem was with the women I knew.

I signed up for an online dating site; new women, new possibilities. I took several profile pictures and tried to make myself appealing, I wrote a bio that I thought made me sound fun and adventerous. (I was trying to pull out all the stops.)

My first month I was only getting responses from bots, I felt like throwing in the towel. I told a friend about my experience and he said he couldn't relate, that he literally cannot keep track of all the women messaging him. At first I asked him, could he toss some my way? He said no, but told me about a website. He said all he did was go to and followed their advice.

Of course I had my doubts, but I still had a sliver of hope. And seeing him scroll through his inbox, hot girl after hot unobtainible girl, was all the encouragement I needed.

I internalized what the website said, I made it my manifesto. I followed all of their techniques and expected minimal results, not wanting to get my hopes up like so many times before, just to be let down.

Three weeks later and I could not believe it. I was arranging dates and had to go out and buy new clothes. My inbox had begun to explode. I saw the friend a few days into the avalanche (The way I described the influx of messages.) and all he could give me was an "I told you so."

Today, I'm glad to say I have no more dating accounts. I don't need them! I met a smart and attractive girl from the West Coast shortly after I found the website, and we've been together since.

Asian Woman Standing up

I look back at all the time I spent unhappy. It all feels wasted now, knowing how easy it was to completely change my dating life. All the suffering I went through back then, I wish I could time travel to the past, find myself, grab him by the shoulders, and yell one thing:!


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