Unable To Approach Pretty Girls

There have been 3 years since my ex-girlfriend broke up. I felt sad for a moment but with time I thought It would be easy for me to get a new girlfriend, but unfortunately I didn't have much success. The problem now was something different because deep inside, I started to feel lonely. I went out with some friends and/or family, spending time to focus my mind on something different, but I was just feelling more lonely, day after day.

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I was trying hard to meet hot girls but was always failing. While all my friends were meeting girls after girls, I was still lonely. At some occasions, I met some women, but they had nothing to do with my expectations. Most of the time they were fat and ugly or totally out of interest.

I was in fact unable to approach pretty girls. Each time I was trying to get the phone number of a hot girl, or trying to invite one for a drink, they were just giving bad excuses to left the place. I felt sad; my self-esteem was decreasing, and finally thought I was too ugly to get hot girls. I was maybe an average looking guy, but not ugly to the point of resembling to a creature from Dante’s Inferno.

At the end, I was so desperate that I began to browse the web, hoping to find the miraculous solution to meet the hot woman just perfect for me that would fulfill all my needs and desires.

I didn't have any success until I've found onlinedatingexplained.com. This site was offering a dating guide with proven methods that work for every man, no matter their look. So I decided to give a try as it was very not expensive, and after reading it, I felt more confident in reason of all tips and advices included in this dating guide. That day I understood that online dating would never be a problem anymore.

After learning the appropriate techniques to approach and date women, I met many girls but even if I had good time with them, they were not what I was looking for, so I had to reject them (It sounds funny, but I was now so confident with women, that I knew that it would be easy for me to meet many other hot girls).

I planned another date on October 31st (yes, Halloween), thanks to the onlinedatingexplained.com dating guide, which helped me quite. We visited together a Death Cavern and a haunted house that was very well decorated during an Halloween-themed party.

Then we were a little hungry, so we ate in a good-looking restaurant. That day the whole city was celebrating Halloween and that was the most amazing night I ever spent in my life with a girl.

We had several dates since that special night, and we are still together today, thanks to onlinedatingexplained.com, and its dating guide. I became more confident with women which help me dated Mary at this memorable Halloween evening. Thanks God, Mary is still lighting up my life, day after day.

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