Your Meds Can Kill Your Erections

Many things and reasons can cause or contribute to your erectile dysfunction (ED). There could be psychological reasons or lifestyle choices including daily diet.

The most forgotten and underestimated reasons of ED are medicines your doctor may have prescribed to treat one of your health conditions that need immediate attention. If some of them are pretty well known and understood, some others can reveal side effects that might surprise you on a very bad way.

You must pay attention on the known side effects of the meds you’re currently taking. If you see something related to ED, consult your physician without delay to see if alternatives med that might accomplish the same goal,can be ordered instead of the ones with ED side effects.

Blood Pressure Medications

Blood pressure is one of the biggest cause of ED. If you suffer from high blood pressure, which is quite common among people over the age of 40 or suffering of CAD (Coronary Artery Disease), chances are good that you take some kind of blood pressure medication.

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The problem is that blood pressure medication work so well that your blood pressure drops, which make it more difficult to get and maintain your penis hard.

If you were suffering of erectile dysfunction before you started taking blood pressure meds, this will make matters worse, but if you didn’t have ED before, it can lead to Erectile dysfunction. Fortunately there are some alternatives you can try to get rid of blood pressure... and Erectile Dysfunction by the same way.


This is a very tricky issue because depression can cause Erectile Dysfunction, but the meds can make it worse. This is why you must have a frank discussion with your physician before taking them. Knowing that there are dozens of different pills available on the market to cure depression, be sure to not take one that have ED on their side effects list.

The important think is to take time to talk with your doctor to see if alternative ways to treat your depression can be found without calling for a drug prescription. Jogging and physical activities are some of the best natural remedies against depression.

Of course, this is not always possible. Never stop taking your medication before seeking the advice of a medical professional.


Allergies are pure misery, but it still possible to mitigate, or even eliminate allergy symptoms naturally, without medicine, because some of them can cause ED. Not having sex can also make your life pretty miserable, so if you suffer of Erectile Dysfunction, it can be related to antihistaminics.

Taking or not antihistaminics or replacing them by a natural alternative is not a decision you should take on your own, without consulting a medical professional. However, it is a known fact that some natural foods, like honey, can boost your allergy immunity.

Non-Steroidal, Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Pain killers like Naproxen and Indocin can make ED worse. The same for muscle relaxants like Flexeril and Norflex which can cause eretile dysfunction or being contributors of the condition on many men. In many case, if you can stop using them, you could notice a big difference. Of course never stop your meds before talking to a physician or a medical professional.


If you take a drug called Disopyramide (also known as Norpace), it could make your ED worse, and can, in some cases, cause it.

Histamine H2 Receptor Antagonists

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These are medicines like Tagamet, Axid, and Zantac. If you take these for stomach or digestive issues, they could worsen your ED. These medications can also cause the condition of ED on some men.

Medications For the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

Almost all of the major medications currently in use to treat Parkinson’s Disease, including Biperiden, Benztropine, Trihexyphenidyl, Procyclidine, Bromocriptine, Levodopa, and their generic equivalents can frequently cause erectile dysfunction.

There are few alternatives here, so in these cases, you may be forced to take ED medications to help offset the effects of these drugs on your sexual performance but again, always check with your doctor before making any decisions about that.

The pace of advancement in the medical industry is blinding, and there may be some new or emerging treatment options available.

Prostate Cancer Medications

If you take Flutamide, Eulexin, Leuprolide, or Lupron, you’re probably going to notice problems with your sexual performance. If you had ED before taking these, it will almost certainly worsen the condition.

Note that this is also true of chemotherapy drugs like Busulfan, Myleran, Cyclophosphamide, and Cytoxan.

As these drugs are absolutely critical to your health, it could be hard to find alternatives but your doctor can recommend an ED medication in addition to these.

As you can see, the sad reality is that there are numerous drugs for serious medical conditions that either can contribute or cause erectile dysfunction.

The good news is that there are alternatives medicine your doctor can prescribe with no or less side effects. In cases like these though, never make any changes to your prescriptions without first consulting your doctor.